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tv   [untitled]    April 7, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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if. you would r.t. let's take a look at our main headlines the head of the u.n. that criticizes the syrian regime for cracking down on the opposition despite pledges from damascus to cease military activity within days at least u.n. arab league envoy kofi annan to balance that by thursday it must be a ceasefire between your thoughts and rebels. so the kurds who are leaders in mali agreed to step down and protestant billions of immense pressure from neighboring countries supporting two weeks of military. and critics lash out at the u.s.
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to try and sentencing youths as adults calling it cruel and unjust around ten thousand dollars a health and other jails and prisons throughout the country. it is time now for the latest edition of our must go out program. hello and welcome to the say on this week's mosque alatas i will be taking a look at the subject of sense and if you could only smell through television this week's episode promises to deliver sensory overload and from restaurants international names we take a look at the history of fragrance new western imports very subtle it hastens and personalized service while at the i think the problem store located next to grad school where. the word comes from a latin phrase meaning through
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a few miss meaning smoke from the incense of ancient cultures to modern day designer brands such as calvin klein to land or chanel the love of fragrance has been known to society for thousands of years. as ideal presents for loved ones a romantic gesture or otherwise most people will admit is a great and easy gift to give someone. the store particularly here stocks essence of different brand names french british american the influence of the western world in the russian capital is only too apparent however locals pay extra for such luxury goods and in today's hungry markets prices here can be up to thirty or forty percent more. as for traditional russian fragrances the popularity of the fashionable soviet brands such as red moscow man on the valley and the eighth of
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march seems to have status. regarding western pleasure and connections with russia legend has it that the famous french scent chanel number five was in fact created by the russian perfume as watched both who emigrated to france after the russian. revolution. moving on and i'm here to meet the few jon i got clover having worked in moscow for over twenty years she says something daunted her to work with fragrances to ask how life take a look at this room is packed with all kinds of interesting puzzles post is. is one of the most experienced team aussies in russia many local celebrities and politicians are among koreans how while international perfume professionals also acknowledge their work get used to my dinner putin's wife huge meal once commissioned me to create two franklin says for her and off time
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a time she also asked me to create one for her husband when making personal preference for hiring people i try to give them a touch of status for around one thousand dollars creates personalized fragrance surprisingly quite often the clients are not well off a lot of people save for a long time to have a sense designs. for developing museum life style market in russia means big business for four and a few companies and because of this from high end luxury some middle class brands with a new fragrance names are trying to make it on to the scene here some of our success while others on this so what is the secret to launching a new brand in russia to discuss this question and more let's meet this week's guest ben plus to me there's a new you tell me about your perfume right here ok this is a lion by radio that we're known for approximately five years ago we've been to
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russia for almost two years in the russian market is a place of interest now especially for when it comes to beauty products yes definitely we've seen a huge change in the market. especially this element of carry all three months consumers. grown extremely in the last few years how i mean there are hundreds of hundreds of different names how do you make your products unique. i think it's raw materials is one we place a huge focus on the quality of raw materials both natural and synthetic and then i think it's the composition i think the fragrance industry has a lot of perkins' it's not all the same rights for commercial appeal and i think there's a few brands that are really focused on creating unique for years and the name is the rich the crucial to the success of the business story about the name of the company and the name of some of the products here by reader. it's taken from old english shall i reference meaning sweet smelling perfume but also remain
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a scent of a system many of them were based on memories came ashore by revelers and they unisex perfumes they're all they're all unisex and the names are really what i describe green we've got you know loose lips there's a few funny ones are few more serious or trite but it's it's really the perfumes reason for being starts their name and that idea by creative words what's your favorite one i don't have one they're more like children i love them all the girls but this one's a different color. i suppose lost by so much for tom good luck with your products here in russia thank you very much thank you becky. makes up the russian perfumery club it was transit in two thousand and four and it brings together various companies that work in the fragrances industry the club pay special attention to promoting russian made press human and the country and you can organize the annual awards ceremony which marks the best brands emerged in the russian market. the main idea of the club is to form a perfume or
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a culture both among industry professionals and their customers who think that it's very important to educate people and explain to them their true sense of making room because it's also essential to respect the customer in russia and that's in our opinion can be achieved by producing new clean friends. says. there are several mass market chains in moscow where products of dozens of browns from around the world can be found let's welcome is one of such chains selling both classic and new seasonal fragrances there are over one hundred shops around the russian capital which is always handy for buying last minute presents a chain also offers various promotions and special discounts only around so many popular fragrances can be found here for a bargain price. and for those who fancy exclusive products moskos the curious slim department store has a large section of persian called this its ground floor. along with popular well
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famous names such as girl and ocean now there are several brands that can be found anywhere else in the city such as memo the city is a tough town and caught on the latter is over one hundred iraq a few miles from paris aiming to stay true to the french by perfumery tradition. and also are many creations are considered to be pieces of of themselves and also featured in many artworks mentions films and books for example currents perfect cold nights is not created in nine hundred eleven is mentioned in book of streams nova master and margarita. for more sophisticated products because we take a project in moscow office of righty of selected brands carefully chosen by the cause which i could seen. that concept stores try to any of it's from the mass market environmentally friendly brands are represented by cars with tech approach most go for the most progressive m.p.c. well occasions around the world including london paris and los angeles.
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and. our final occasion is a cut you factory approximately sixty kilometers from the capital. the first. it's cheap but you can see here this the cereal wow expense isn't the word. continuous quality checks are old in ice in the factory and chemical analysis helps to ensure that all the ingredients are in the proper proportions. the wrong amounts all mixed left in the wrong time can leave disaster. the room first the container is filled with alcohol then water in the composition of essences is added then it's all mixed drawn filters and delivered to the filling facility if you can see the
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print room as it's called the factory normally buys the finished principal tools from china germany or italy but this current batch is a specific one or the old fully produced house. there are only by a few factors of this kind in russia about four hundred people what they produce a staggering three million bottles the fragrance kids love the business here it's great the bottles different colors and they can produce an impressive eight thousand bottles that. they made this factory is to keep prices low on the retail mark up the city as little as possible the average price a person made at the site rate raises on three hundred to one thousand rubles that's about and to thirty dollars. a surgeon in about a thousand for and says are produced at our factory fifty per cent of those are our own brands well the other half is commissioned by birth companies. big
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history of pleasure and this off into winds of the history of the human race cheat or chic it's now a multi billion dollar business and whether man or woman old or young she needs to sweat should be the ideal extension of your us. and what do you find percy him as the full list of the price success rate pool especially mustapha one thing is clear friedman ski's people a sense of confidence pleasure and sexuality. in the final part of the process where the fuck you need the packaging and dressing stuff well unfortunately that's sort of how we have left on this big program i'll see you again at the same time next week and seven for me and the rest of the by.
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wealthy british style. market finance come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mikes concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on our cheap. there hasn't been a theme get on t.v. . is to get the maximum political impact. before source material is more helps keep journalism honest we.
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we want to visit. something else. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so please you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture.
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she. the head of the u.n. criticizes the syrian regime for cracking down on the opposition despite pledges from damascus to cease military activity within days thankee moon says present is violating the latest un security council statement that involves an end to hostilities by thursday. so if the two leaders in mali agree to step down and hand power to civilians after pressure from neighboring countries or into weeks of military rule in return a fuel and trade battle against lifted into organizers are granted amnesty. and critics lash out at the u.s. for trying and sentencing others calling it cruel and unjust ten thousand miners
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are held in jails prisons throughout the country. now it's take a look at what's going on in the world of sports. great to have you with us this is sports and a plenty ahead in the next ten minutes including all of the. finals contact and there will be a first time teams indicate shells get darren cup decider this season after a five card super berth on friday. hossam gloss outswinger full decades after winning the masters american but for a couple shoots his way to join the top of the leaderboard at the halfway stage in augusta. on his first six rock bottom support technology shiksa further six
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straight the feat and the russian premier league. let's get going this hour with ice hockey where this year for the first time the continental hockey talk will be heading to either the russian capital or siberia that's after up on guard john truck two on friday evening to set up a finals meeting with the now moscow the on side the feeling in the eastern conference finals against a team which has been on a journey to the runs all season long the hawks looking more complete spotlight this particular set of beans though taking the best of seven series for a long last night something the icing on the cake for randall simmons now closing out a one zero win on the road aloft storing what would be the winner with the end of the first he read silencing wants to take a car and cup finals will now start an april thirteenth. to the greens were afraid couples is aiming for quite an encore performance in augusta some twenty years after first donning the masters green jacket the fifty two year old turning back
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the clock to share the lead with jason dufner at the halfway stage of the year's opening major ingolf the one thousand nine hundred two champions started is the all foot bogeys on the first and six holes but the former world number one. group two also carter bring in seven birdies for a five under sixty seven on the day meanwhile how to build on the double bogey but that didn't stop him from joining his fellow american at the top of the leaderboard on five under the pro will now have to hold gulfs big names at arm's length for the remaining two rounds rory mcilroy is in a group of five goal first shot back well tiger woods is currently somewhere behind city three over right now tied for the lead and i'm doing more than that but there's thirty. ten more hours ago off out there at the pace we're playing exactly ten more hours ago. so i got a lot more to to look forward to but it's something that will be
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a lot of fun football where it hasn't been the greatest of months for the pride of now chick in the russian premier league sports is continuing on friday after going to ensure six straight loss in the relegation group not to much the league's bottom club to do about the first goal brazilian juice in madrid c.-o. them on opening targets said hunt a twenty five minutes life will get worse for the visitors twenty minutes from time to bitch receiving his marching orders for this one i love my boy your gives making their merkle advantage kites a quarter of an hour later dreadful marquee and spacek penalty area lying purple chalk to secure a full time school line of. the crossing outfits first win in three. right following today's only other class bull gun crew both remain in the bottom floor of the radiation zone after their goalless draw initially not broad purpose still separated by just the single. now on saturday it's the chopping
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shot group which takes center stage the amount of moscow versus ripping design could well be the pick of the weekend's fixtures zenit st petersburg can extend their lead at the top with victory at third if they're real women themselves though no win could move them into a champions league spot while c.s.k. moscow in second will be hoping to keep on the teals obsolete. i'm jean ma. you castle have jumped up with chelsea to fifth place in the premier league the magpies moving ever closer to do sports courtesy of a to know when it's one say the p.c.c. i gain making a claim for signing of the year by firing in his ear i'm not pools for the visitors truly eight games were in the new castle shirt the senegal mandating it surely is the fifteen minutes and then twenty one minutes from time to liberty stadium. action while later on saturday the talk to you really are playing the race for champions league football is the focus of attention fourth place tottenham travel
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to sunderland in the early kick off chelsea five points behind london rival spurs they host wigan on in the action elsewhere and liverpool is all six of their last seven matches in the top five and the chain us the. stuff everybody wants everybody stay together in the recent. chance you could try to force them to go to school with all of the temptation qualities yeah. i think that with him so he can go if you know some things that will get up and then work out enough to himself in a position to tennis for fear is for real will have to wait another year to try and conquer charleston the two time family circle cup runner up stop short on her trophy quest by lucie safarova in the quarter finals the czech world number twenty six here not firing i guess ninth ranks of on the roof and kept the pressure on to
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take the first set six three twenty five or would go on to register her for the career win over top ten competition by closing out the second set by the same six three scoreline so far off and i face is the fenian along our. side. second st some of the stories are with the day's american woman the australian winning her rain suspended third round match against the school be over before disposing of venus williams let's go to our break through to you. but these are little to no exhaustion by meeting the older williams sisters six three four six six three serina williams is up next i i ok let's end with football i pan were in russia's second tier said peered through one one at mosques i took peter during the week another pointer and then the novosibirsk club seek to make it back into the premier league the squad they're headed by former liverpool coach alex miller the first british man in russian
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football close to the top off went along to find out just why he settled for siberia. while on g. make the transfer headlines in the premier league seedier surprised everyone in the first division as. looks miller made history by becoming deplores tim a briton in russian football three time zones you. stuff moscow sixty two year old glass tube or miller has kicked off an intriguing experiment taking charge in russia's third city of novosibirsk. challenge. top level but this was a team that was one to. the challenge to trying to. trying to take the team to. the former rangers defender and highbury and manager also head short spell spearheading japanese and swedish sides
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but is better known for spending nine years at liverpool assisting gerrard. and rafael beneath us however in russia the scot will have to face more challenges than just the save the rain weather i think the. challenge of climate is very very difficult. very difficult and this leak i never realised in my wildest dreams that. while league leaders and defending champions is a need have enjoyed success under dick advocaat and. most boring manager escape struggle to bring results both in russia and in europe into an immense but miller is sure that russian football will sweetly benefit by depth into the new western for months.
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and nothing in four or five years time nothing. in the champions league sabir a currently seventh in the second tire and have slim hopes of being promoted to the premier league this season however miller is optimistic about the chances of the. you know what it takes to glory and coaching novosibirsk back on the russian football. are cheap. maybe call installed in the times but i can guarantee you it's colder in siberia good luck to all your sports here on twenty four hour party.
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i live. in st. louis i. believe.
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they are looking. good.
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well. science technology innovation all the moves developments from around russia we've got the future coverage.


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